I would not talk about your job at the art gallery, that's not reassuring for a football coach.

Landry [to Matt]

Please don't sleep with my sister Tim, that's like incest.


Julie Taylor, will you marry me?


Don't forget that the people who are offering you this job are the same people who fired you for no reason 2 years ago.

Tami [to Coach]

Vince: Do you know someone who could babysit? So the moms could come to the hearing?
Jess [to Vince and Luke]: I'm looking at two pretty ladies who could babysit. Learn how to nurse a baby. Go get some milk.

I'm gonna say to you, what you didn't have the grace to say to me. Congratulations.

Tami [to Coach]

There's one thing they can't take away from us, what we did on this field.


Tyra: You know it's kinda like this drug. When you're out of it, you see it for what it really is. But when you're in it, it seems like there's not other possible reality.
Julie: It's a hard place to shake.
Tyra: I didn't see that one coming.

Life's harder when you truly love someone.

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