[to Buddy] "When I make the national team and I start touring all over the world, I'll take your daughter with me, because we're getting married."


Julie Taylor: Matt has me at quarterback in the Powderpuff game and I have to go.
Coach Eric Taylor: Matt Saracen’s got you at quarterback? Wait honey. Hey, come here. What do you mean he’s got you at quarterback?

I'm starting to see a W in my eyes.


Got any more room on that bus?


What the hell, you want a hug or something? Get out of here.

Eric Taylor

Herc would break up with me and go after Tyra. He would! He told me!


What Clay and I have is special. America loves him and so do I. You just need to start respecting that.

Jason Street

Tami: "What is The Scarlet Letter about, Tim?"
Tim: "It's about a gal named Scarlet, obviously."

Tyra Collette: "What's the big deal?"
Tami Taylor: "The big deal is it's part of my job, to make sure that you don't grow up stupid. It's bad for the world."

Jason: What are you...
Lyla: Guess what I have? Dirty... dirty, dirty... quad porn.

[to Tim] "My God, you really are ridiculous. Do you just have the rally girls do everything for you? Do they chew your food and wipe your butt for you? How does it work? I just sat hear and read the entire book to you. And you have nothing to say."

Landry Clarke

"Watch the curb... Whoever you are!"

Tami Taylor

Friday Night Lights Season 1 Quotes

Mr. Street: Does God love football?
Jason Street: I think everybody loves football.

Let's touch God this time boys. Let's touch God.

Tim Riggins