Cookie: Hey. What are we drinking over here?
Phoebe: Well, I have, ah, vodka and cranberry juice.
Cookie: No kidding. That's the exact same drink I made myself right after I shot my husband.
Phoebe: Wow. Okay, I don't know how to talk to you.

Ross: (About Mark offering Rachel a job) Well, I'm just saying, I mean why else would he just, ya know, swoop in out of nowhere for no reason.
Rachel: To be nice.
Ross: Hey, Joey. Are men ever nice to strange women for no reason?
Joey: No, only for sex.

Joey: Man, I remember the first time I saw that girl Katherine, after we broke up. She was just walking with her friend Donna, just laughing and talking. God, it killed me.
Chandler: Yes, but you ended up having sex with both of them that afternoon.

Hey, anybody got a length of rope about six feet long with a little noose at the end?

Joey: Oh My God. How many of these have you had? These are pure vodka.
Chandler: Yup, Jello just like mom used to make.

Am I? Am I? Am I out of my mind? Am I loosing my senses?


Rachel: (To Mark) Well, then. So I'm just gonna go back to talking to my friend here, you can go back to enjoying your little hamburger.
Stranger: Just one other thing.
Rachel: Yes?
Stranger: I work at Bloomingdale's, I might know of a job possibility if you're interested.
Rachel: Do you want my pickle?

Ross: What's Joey gonna do when he finds out you blew his sister off with a letter?
Chandler: That's the part where you tell him I moved to France. (Ross looks at Chandler) ... When actually I'll be in Cuba.
Ross: All right, look, look, you've got to do this yourself, okay. In person. At least you know her name. You just go to the house and you ask for Mary-Angela, okay. When which ever one she is comes to the door, you take her for a walk, you let her down easy.
Chandler: What if Mary-Angela comes to the door and I ask for Mary-Angela?
Ross: Where in Cuba?

Monica: Stick out your tongue!
Chandler: Take off your shirt!

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