Joanne: Well, guess who my dad's making partner in his firm?
(She points to herself. They scream.)
Kiki: And while we're on the subject of news...
(She shows them her engagement ring. They scream.)
Phoebe: (To Monica) Look, look, I have elbows!
(She holds up her elbows. They scream.)

Rachel: Okay, I'm not just waitressing. I'm... I, um... I write the specials on the specials board, and, uh... and I, uh... I take the, uh, dead flowers out of the vase... Oh, and, um, sometimes Artelle lets me put the little chocolate blobbies on the cookies.
Leslie: Well. Your mom didn't tell us about the blobbies.

Hey, that woman's got an ass like Carol's! What? Thought we were trying to find stuff.


Joey: (Walking into Central Perk) 95, 96, 97. See, I told you! Less than 100 steps from our place to here.
Chandler: You've got way too much free time.

Ross: Uh oh.
Chandler: What? There was ice there that night with Carol? Plastic seats? Four thousand angry Pittsburgh fans?
Ross: No, actually, I was just saying it looks like we're not sitting together. But now that you mention it, there was ice that night. It was the first frost.

Ross: Peach pit!
Chandler: Yes, honey?
Ross: That night we had...
Chandler: Peaches?
Ross: No, actually, nectarines.

Rachel: Now everything is just...
Phoebe: Floopy?
Rachel: Yeah.
Monica: Well, that's not just you. I mean, half the time we don't know what we're doing. You just have to hope that it will all come together and things will be... unfloopy.
Phoebe: Yeah, like that's a word.

Joey: Man. Can you believe he's only had sex with one woman?
Chandler: I think it's great. You know, it's sweet. It's romantic.
Joey: Really?
Chandler: No, you kidding? The guy is a freak.

Monica: Pheebs, do you have a plan?
Phoebe: I don't even have a "pla."

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