Ross: (Imitating Joey's infomercial) Are you intrigued?
Chandler: You're flingin'-flangin' right I am!

Chandler: So I catch up to her and she says this relationship is going to fast and we have to slow down.
Monica: That is never good.
Chandler: Then I got all needy and clingy.
Monica: You didn't beg, did you?
Chandler: I said please.
Monica: Well, was it please with one E in the middle of it or lots of E's?
Chandler: Oh, dear lord, I begged.

Janice: Okay, one of two things is happening here. Either you're seeing somebody behind my back, which would make you the biggest jerk on the planet, or you're pretending to be seeing somebody, which is so pathetic I could just start crying right here in the cereal aisle. So which of these two guys do you wanna be?
Chandler: (Pointing to another shopper) Could I be that guy?

Chandler: So I'm not going to lose her?
Rachel: Oh, honey, you're not a total loser.
Chandler: I said, "So I'm not going to lose her?"

Monica: I gotta go to work. Has anybody seen my left boob?
Joey: I love that movie.
(Grabs boob from under Joey's head)
Monica: Here it is. Joey, what are you doing?
Joey: I'm sorry, it just felt nice.

Huh. Well that's funny. Ugly Naked Guy's still naked, but his dog's wearing a sweater.


(Singing) I am Bea. I drink tea. Won't you dance around with me?

Little Ross

Face your fear. You have a fear of heights, you go to the top of the building. You're afraid of bugs, get a bug.


Monica (About comfort ice cream) When you start getting screwed over all the time, you gotta switch to low fat.

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