You tell Walter, I knew the dog wouldn't hunt.

William Bell

This way, we will need to take possession of a vehicle. Do you drive a motorcycle? I would love to ride on a motorcycle.

William Bell

Peter: I don't understand. If this is a projection of everything in Olivia's mind, then why is everyone turning against us? When she came to us in the lab, she asked for help.
William Bell: What I'm starting to think is that when my mind entered hers, her ego became confused, her sense of self.
Walter: Which in turn initiated the darker parts of her subconscious, allowing her deepest fears to run rampant.

Broyles: What?
Peter: You're bald. I think he's an observer!

Doctor, I have been jolted once today. If you do it again, you will kill me, and the woman I'm living inside of.


Walter: Astro, are we ready?
Astrid: Just about, Wally.

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