Oppenheimer saved his too. But at what cost. He couldn't bear the nightmares. Screams of all the innocents he had killed. Now I am become death. But in our case, that really is true; we destroy their world to save ours. May God have mercy on us.


You tell Walter, I knew the dog wouldn't hunt.

William Bell

This way, we will need to take possession of a vehicle. Do you drive a motorcycle? I would love to ride on a motorcycle.

William Bell

Peter: I don't understand. If this is a projection of everything in Olivia's mind, then why is everyone turning against us? When she came to us in the lab, she asked for help.
William Bell: What I'm starting to think is that when my mind entered hers, her ego became confused, her sense of self.
Walter: Which in turn initiated the darker parts of her subconscious, allowing her deepest fears to run rampant.

Broyles: What?
Peter: You're bald. I think he's an observer!

Doctor, I have been jolted once today. If you do it again, you will kill me, and the woman I'm living inside of.


Walter: Astro, are we ready?
Astrid: Just about, Wally.

All right, you just look at me. You don't think about an hour from now, you don't think about a minute. You're gonna focus on this moment, ok? It's just you and me.


Lincoln: I sure don't want to do this.
Charlie: All right, listen, I'll talk to her, you deal with Travis Bickle. C'mon...Coppola...'you talking to me?'
Lincoln: I have no idea.
Charlie: All right. Point is, Henry's probably done with his statement. I'll deal with Marilyn.

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers here, guys. If there's some things a guy like me shouldn't know about, I get it. But you start hearing things about some other universe, it's hard to ignore


Lincoln: Where is she?
Henry: How would I know? I didn't expect that she would come back here.
Lincoln: What do you mean, 'back here'?

All right. I was worried about her, that's all. Once in a while I drive by to make sure she's ok. That's not a crime.


Fringe Season 3 Quotes

Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go.


I'm not crazy you know. To prove that to you I'd have to tell you some things that are even crazier.