Walter: Excuse me Miss, is that lemon Jello?
Nurse: These are urine samples.
Walter: Well in that case, no thank you. I'm more peckish than thirsty.

If you've lost your mind, now would be the time to tell me!


Peter: It's going to be okay.
Olivia: You know, for the first time I don't think it is.

Nina: Now I know how it sounds, but I believe shew as activated to power the universe collapse.
Olivia: Lucky me.

Why William? Why would you do this? What can you hope to gain by destroying both universes?


I must investigate the future and find out what I meant. I hope I get back to you in time.


At least now we know how you got shot. I've seen you shot before, like this. You came to me, at the opera house. You said in every version of the future, I would have to die.


The bible tells us God created his universe in seven days. It has taken me considerably longer.

William Bell

Nina! It was the work of a master, not an imposter. I know the difference!

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