The only bright spot in your life!

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Bender: So anybody hungry?
Fry: I could stuff myself.
Leela: I'll use that free app that tells you what restaraunts are nere.
Fry: You mean the window?
Leela: Yes.

Ahhh, I got a bone in my fruit!


I'm scaroused.

Leggo my Eggo Crabbo!

I'm standing in a pool of my own feet!


Fry: Look I know he's ugly and kind of corrosive, but we can't murder someone just because he's hideous and annoying.
Amy: That's what we said about Zoidberg and look where that got us.
Zoidberg: Amy has a point.

Amy: It's so huge. How big does one of those things get?
Fry: Well, that depends on what one of those things is. That seems like a fact worth knowing.

Killing it seems like a hassle.

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