Farnsworth: Commissioner, my crew has made a horrific discovery: It seems that Slurm is produced in a colossal worm hiney!
Commissioner: Hmm, "hiney", you say? Why, with your testimony we'll finally be able to outlaw this insidious Slurm.
Fry: Outlaw Slurm? Uh, don't pay any attention to him, sir... Grandpa's making up crazy stories again.
Farnsworth: I'm not your grandpa, you're my uncle! From the year 2000!
Commissioner: OK, grandpa, we'll take care of the "bad worms", don't you worry.

Slurms: Go on without me, I'll hold her off.
Fry: But she'll crush you like a worm... crushing a smaller worm.

Slurms: Shh! I want you to take me with you.
Fry: Say what?
Slurms: I'm partied out. All I want is to stay home and rent videos and watch them with a few friends. Is that so much to ask?
Bender: Forget it, pal. It says on this bottle-cap you have to party with us.
Slurms: Alright, when we get to Earth. But please don't invite too many people, I wanna keep it small.
Bender: No can do, Slurms!

Leela: You pig. Stop stuffing your craw and save us.
Bender: I can't see what's happening. Are we boned?
Leela: Yeah, we're boned.

Slurm Queen: As for you, you will be submerged in Royal Slurm which, in a matter of minutes, will transform you into a Slurm Queen like myself.
Small Glurmo #1: But, Your Highness, she's a commoner. Her Slurm will taste foul.
Slurm Queen: Yes! Which is why we'll market it as New Slurm. Then, when everyone hates it, we'll bring back Slurm Classic, and make billions!

Slurm Queen: You, my metal friend, will have the honour of becoming 174 Slurm cans.
Bender: Ah, this trip is turning into a big letdown.

Leela: How can you trick people into drinking something that comes out of your behind? It's disgusting.
Slurm Queen: Is it? Honey comes from a bee's behind. Milk comes from a cow's behind. And have you ever used toothpaste?
Fry: Whose behind does that come from?
Slurm Queen: You don't wanna know.

Well, my curious friends, you learned the secret of Slurm. That concludes the portion of the tour where you stay alive.


All this prolonged exposure to radiation is making me thirsty.

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