Everyone, help mom find her bra.


Move your freaking hoof, you goat!


Mom: Get out of my house, you lying scum pile. I never want to see you again.
Farnsworth: But, dust cakes...

Amy: Way to go, Professor. The plan worked.
Mom: Plan? What plan? I thought this was a spontaneous whirlwind of hot, dry sex.
Farnsworth: Look, it started out as a calculated plot to rummage through your underwire. But once I got in there, I found more - much more. And now I want to shout our love from the rooftops. Perhaps I'll breed some sort of albino shouting gorilla.

Bender: Ooh! A six-pack of strawberry champagne. Don't mind if I help myself!
Greeting Card: No, Comrade Bender! Liquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie.
Bender: Say what?
Greeting Card: In the glorious robot workers' paradise, there will be no liquor. Only efficient synthetic fuels.
Bender: No liquor? Do svidaniya, comrade!

Bender: Alright, greeting card, I'll grab the cash, you wreck up the place. And- Huh?
Mom: You, bending unit, Mommy needs that bra to end the robot rebellion. Stretch up and get it for me.
Bender: Sorry, Ma, but you ordered me to rebel. And loot I shall!

Fry: Is anything not a robot?
Lamp: I'm not a robot.

Nothing in here but a couple of elephant skin rugs.

Fry (upon seeing Farnsworth and Mom)

I've got a big, big thirst for human blood!

Slurm Machine
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