These last twenty-four hours have been the happiest days of my life


In the event of an emergency my ass can be used as a flotation device.


Umbriel: What the hell is that?
Fry: Yeah I'm a little confused too. How do I... y'know... with the tail and all?
Umbriel: I'm not your first am I? I mean, I-I lay my eggs and leave and you release your fertiliser.

Oh, Fry! I want you to make a mer-woman outta mer-me.


Zoidberg: Well, I guess this is goodbye for me as well.
Leela: Whatever.
Amy: Later.
Farnsworth: Bye.

Zoidberg: You know, Fry, I've got a little place just outside town. You could come visit, maybe?
Fry: Sorry, Zoidberg. I'm trying to join the country club.

Farnsworth: Fry, you half-mad, half-insane maniac, be reasonable. Don't you realise that if you stay at this depth your body will permanently adapt to the pressure?
Fry: Realise it? I don't even understand it!

Leela: But, Fry, what about us? What about your life on the surface? You don't belong down here.
Zoidberg: She's right, I mean, sure, they got the Braves but it's a third-rate symphony.

She had a tube top, and a BEAUTIFUL scaly tail, and I think she had hair extensions

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