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Amanda: Can you go to hell for hating somebody?
Pastor: I hope not. I really, really hope not. Really.

Losing twelve pounds is a stomach virus. Losing 60 is sexy.


Amanda Amanda dear director Amanda.


I'm on day four of an ice cube and bamboo cleanse.


Carlene: We've been hoodwinked.
Cricket: By a delusional woman who thinks she can still fit in to her old cheerleader uniform.
Amanda: Um, excuse, me I totally can.

You couldn't become a star even if Hollywood was destroyed by a meteor.


I am just not in the position to give up alcohol, sushi, or grabbing stimulus dollars for nine months.


Zach: Sharon, you might just be on to something, I don't recall any fat people in The Bible.
Sharon: I know, right?

Amanda: Hey, I worked boobilicious after the Texas - LU game. Nothing scares me.
John: I served eighteen months in Iraq, some of the ladies around here do.

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda I just keep walking in to you in the most unnatural of situations.


I'm sure she's a bottomless pit of inspiration.


Let's take these babies and make us some babies.

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GCB Quotes

Carlene: We're gonna follow the advice of Psalms 18:39.
Sharon: Um..my bible's in my other purse.

I don't care how bad things are. I will never go back to Dallas.