I am just not in the position to give up alcohol, sushi, or grabbing stimulus dollars for nine months.


Zach: Sharon, you might just be on to something, I don't recall any fat people in The Bible.
Sharon: I know, right?

Amanda: Hey, I worked boobilicious after the Texas - LU game. Nothing scares me.
John: I served eighteen months in Iraq, some of the ladies around here do.

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda I just keep walking in to you in the most unnatural of situations.


I'm sure she's a bottomless pit of inspiration.


Let's take these babies and make us some babies.


If this is what it takes for Panda's to hump no wonder they're going extinct!


What the hell is a heckhouse?


Just look at them she drives men to drive off cliffs and he has terrible taste in women. Who am I to say they are not meant for each other?

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