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If this is what it takes for Panda's to hump no wonder they're going extinct!


What the hell is a heckhouse?


Just look at them she drives men to drive off cliffs and he has terrible taste in women. Who am I to say they are not meant for each other?


Cricket: Speaking of Daddy business, you seem very busy up at the ranch with your new foreman, Randy.
Blake: Rusty.
Cricket. Rusty.
Blake: That relationship has nothing to do with this. Never has, you know that.

Look at my parasol, it twirls.


Well I must have heard wrong because you couldn't have possibly sent away a good man just because you're scared of some blonde nitwit in twenty-inch heels.


Today's sophisticate and dynamic woman decides and accepts what her life is going to be it's not fair to someone just to walk in there and rip it to hell just because he has a penis.


Amanda: Look at Carlene, she can be so lovely, so gracious, almost human.
Elizabeth: You know darling have you ever considered that she is actually capable of a generous gesture where you're considered? She's really trying to embrace the idea of you and her brother.
Amanda: No.
Elizabeth: Me either.

Oh Amanda, sweet pacifist Amanda.


Don't you dare get all weepy on me. If you have to cry you put this deer caller in your mouth.


Amanda: How do you apologize for shooting someone?
Elizabeth: That is an etiquette conundrum you will not find in Emily Post. You know, I have Dick Cheney's number someplace.

At least you're using your boobies for good and not evil.

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GCB Quotes

Carlene: We're gonna follow the advice of Psalms 18:39.
Sharon: Um..my bible's in my other purse.

I don't care how bad things are. I will never go back to Dallas.