Emily: Explain this to me right now, Lorelai!
Lorelai: My back hurts. (burrows down in the couch and sticks her lip out)

Dean: Are you asking me to the dance?
Rory: No.....yes.

Emily: (about Dean) What do you know about this boy?
Lorelai: Well, I know Rory likes him, and his parole officer has high hopes for his rehabilitation.
Emily: Does he drink?
Lorelai: Like a fish!

Emily: (about the mashed banana on toast) I used to make this all the time for you when you were a little girl.
Lorelai: You did?
Emily: Yes! Whenever you got sick, I made this.
Lorelai: Are you sure it wasn't the other way around?

Rory: You know what, I don't want my change, money makes people shallow.
(Rory walks away)
Paris: I've got your change. Hey! Hey! If you think I'm keeping this dollar, I'm not!
Boy next to Paris: I'll take it.
Paris: Shut up!

Emily: "We're in here", that's how you answer the door?
Lorelai: Well, I was all out of Saran wrap.
Emily: I don't even want to try to figure that one out.

Emily: What are you doing?
Lorelai: I'm taking out the avocado.
Emily: Since when don't you like avocado?
Lorelai: Since I said "Gross, what is this?" and you said "Avocado".
Emily: What's wrong with the tomato?
Lorelai: It was fraternizing with the enemy.

(after spraying Rory's hair) Ok, that will be good for 6 slow dances, 4 medium ones, 1 lambada. But if you plan on doing any moshing, I suggest another coat.


Lorelai: What were you thinking? Staying out all night? Are you CRAZY?
Rory: I'm sorry. It was an accident.
Lorelai: You're talking to the queen of staying out all night, okay? I invented the concept, you cannot do this. Period!
Rory: Nothing happened! We fell asleep!

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