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He's odd, he's angry, he's uncomfortable in his own skin.

Lorraine [about Adam]

Margo: What's Hannah going to do with engagement ring?
Lorraine: She's going to wear it on her fucking finger when she gets engaged.

I always promised myself I'd never get married until I had a swimming pool in my living room.


Great about med school, so exciting! How are the hot doctors-to-be? I always watch Grey's Anatomy. I never miss an episode.


Oh the old Flo Job, you know her just sluttin' around.


Grandma Flo: Wow you look nice, what did you do?
Hannah: Oh I gained 15 pounds.

Adam: The only thing I remember about my grandma is that she had rough skin and spit a lot.
Hannah: My grandma's very neat and she had skin like a kitten's ear.

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