I'm so proud of you, Will. It has been quite a journey to get to this place and you've made it the whole way without losing your integrity. Except for those days when you were rapping.


Sam, despite your outlandishly low test scores, you're a genius.


Picking up some coffee. I like my enemas piping hot.


The past is dead to me. Except for maybe just one thing.


Oh God, Will, let me break it down for you. High school's a dry run for the rest of your life. Not everyone can be champions; not everyone should be champions. The world needs fry cooks; bus drivers...


I suggest selling yourself on Craigslist under the heading of 'Men seeking Men with butt chins.'

Sue [to Will]

Where is Rachel? She never misses applause.


I look forward to the day the paparazzi provokes me and I attack them.


You have a week to lose 10 pounds. It's like trying to lose one of my butt cheeks.


Puck: I'm a sex shark. If I stop moving, I die.
Mercedes: Me and you would not work out. You're top 40. I'm rhythm and blues.

Artie: I'm kind of getting cold feet.
Brittany: Can you even feel your feet?

My lips are sealed. Just like your legs... see, a real doctor would never have said that.


Glee Quotes

I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.


Thank you April for that wonderful lesson in female empowerment.