Rachel: I kind of need to ask you a favor. Cassie said I wasn't sexy.
Brody: You're crazy sexy.

American teens are coming down with an enormous case of Twilight fever.


I lost an enormous last minute bet I placed on myself with a shady Las Vegas bookie.


I fully support your right to be as unhappy with Finn for the rest of your life as you want.


Sex. It's just like hugging. Only wetter.


Huh. A bully with a moral code.


I need to re-pencil my eyebrows on.


Jacob: Ooh, Brittany, what are your plans for the future?
Brittany: Wait. Are you working on a time machine, too?

Rachel: It's pretty amazing what a good makeover can do. It's like you change the outside and the inside just follows.
Brody: I think it's the other way around. I think now your outside has caught up to how you feel about yourself.
Rachel: I like that.
Brody: I like you.

Finn: Were you crying about me?
Rachel: I wasn't crying about you.
Finn: Oh.

I've put plastic on your chair, so feel free to wet yourself with excitement.


Whatever door June opens for you I’ll be right there next to you walking through it with you. You’re taking one for the team.


Glee Quotes

I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.


Blaine: I needed you. I needed you around and you weren't there. And I was lonely. And I'm...I'm really sorry.
Kurt: You don't think that I've been lonely? You don't think that I've had temptations? But I didn't act on it because I knew what it meant. It meant something horrible and awful.