I have to go. They'll think I'm pooping.


I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama.


You should know that there's some boy out there who's gonna like you for everything you are, including those parts of you that even you don't like... Those are gonna be the things he likes the most.


Will I'm not going to do this. Even your breath stinks of mediocrity.


The armrests are the sweetest meat.


[to Rachel] Not everything has to do with you.


This is your game, your life. And, guess what, time is running out.


I'm cream here, Mr. Schue. But what if out there, I'm just skim milk.


I don't know who this Blaine guy is, but I hear he's sex on a stick and sings like a dream.


Let me hit you with the blunt instrument of reality, Puckerman. You're still you, a douchey playboy who's going to spend the rest of his life dealing with one mess after another as long as he lives. One of these days, you are going to knock someone up, and I feel bad for whoever has to have a child who shares your DNA.


You can't cancel the musical. I was considering changing my name to Maria.


Sue: Anything else?
Brittany: Sometimes I forget my middle name.

Glee Quotes

It takes years to build a good reputation, and only seconds to destroy it.


Getting a thumbs up from him is like getting a thumbs up from Joan and Melissa Rivers.