Look, I may not have lived in some vague outer borough of New York City, but there's a reason I'm the only glee kid who survived Sue Sylvester's regime change at McKinley. Because I'm ruthless too.


We need you Sam and you need the music.


"I thought going through all that terrible stuff earlier this year made you cooler, but no, you're still the same old Quinn. All that matters is you.


Since Kurt and I broke up I haven't slept, I've lost my appetite, and I don't even gel on weekends.


You can maybe go one day without the driving clothes. It's a wheel chair Artie, not a Porsche.


I want the Thong Song. I was something I can shake my money maker to.


Will: When I'm sick there's only one thing that makes me feel good.
Artie: Gin and juice...

She's Jewish. But I think that helps with the whole Puerto Rican thing.

Beiste [on Rachel]

Look into the faces of these graduates. They've been to the mountaintop. This is just the first step in your climb to meet them there.


You have a week to lose 10 pounds. It's like trying to lose one of my butt cheeks.


I really don't feel comfortable talking about this with Rabbi Greenburg. Aren't you a guidance counselor?


Well, once you’ve seen a baby come out of girl’s magic garden everything else is easily acceptable.


Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.