I suggest you pre-actively check into rehab, as you are a future alcoholic.


You just got poked. Poked by the Pink Dagger.


Rachel: While we applaud your proper use of the terminology, we told Mr. Schue: we do not support disco.

I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis.

Burt Hummel

I love hearing about the glee club, but I'm actually more interested in you.


I heard he woke up. I heard he’s going to be OK.


Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. Probably because they smile all the time.


Rachel: We don't care what the judges say: we won. Because we had you as a teacher.

They’re with us in spirit, just like Finn.

Mr. Schuester

Wait, this is the moment in those romantic comedies where I kiss you.


I want my full budget restored. I want a fog machine.


Thanks for making me feel like a girl.


Glee Quotes

Not everyone is gonna have the walnuts to take a pro-littering stance. But I will not rest until every inch of our fair state is covered in garbage.


I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.