They’re with us in spirit, just like Finn.

Mr. Schuester

Give what back, your talent? Because you obvious left that in Ohio.


We are Throat Explosion! Expect us!


Best of luck New Directions, we really can’t wait to see your set...and crush you like a bug.


Do you seriously have no idea who that is? Do none of you read the show choir blogs?


You two in the same room and there are no stitches? That’s an improvement.


I think I saw a squirrel come out of the back of your hair.


She will chew you up and spit you out like a Jewish Hillary Clinton.


God as my witness, I will break her down.


The only thing I can see you giving birth to is a bushel of russet potatoes.


The thing that holds high school friendships together is high school.


I was like some heroine from a lost Tennessee Williams play.


Glee Quotes

Relationships are a lot like flowers. If you find the right seed, put it in good soil, give it water and sunlight, bam. Perfect bud. And then comes winter and the flower dies. But if you tend that garden, spring will come along and that flower will bloom again.


I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake.

Quinn [to Puck]