I’m so sorry lady, hand over the tripod and nobody gets hurt.


Who doesn’t love a lady holding a three legged dog?


At least you were wearing underwear.


Oh my God, is that Rachel Berry star of Broadway’s smash hit musical Funny Girl?


Am I still here? Am I invisible?


I blame Sarah McLachlan.


Years of skinny jeans have prepared me for this performance.


I always carry sheet music with me just in case.


Is Liza off her meds running around Central Park again?


You always have to have your guitar 80% of the time.


I’ve been in and out of love more times than you’ve had breakfast.


You might be a work in progress, but I think you’re worth the wait.


Glee Quotes

Rachel: This is what I wanted!
Sam: No, what you wanted was a second chance to get it right and Carmen just gave it to you. If you throw all that away you're going to be making the same mistake all over again

Finn: I seem to recall a rumor about a certain cheerleading coach at this school who once took horse estrogen and posed for Penthouse back in the day. So maybe I can just track that down and make a few copies and sell those to raise money for Regionals.
Sue: That's nothing but a rumor. But if that rumor were true, my Penthouse centerfold so groundbreaking that it completely redefined the term 'hirsute,' and gave birth unto these United States a pose so limber they named it the Regal American Not-So-Bald Spread Eagle, I promise you, my friend, you would never find it.