Rufus: Lily, she'll be okay.
Lily: This is your fault. It's not fair. I go away, then I come back and my daughter's not going to college. I trusted you.
Rufus: So trust me now. Don't force her.

Serena: I'm sorry. I couldn't do it to her.
KC: I understand. Like I'm sure you understand that you're fired.

[to Olivia] Great movie. You were amazing. And I'm an idiot.

Serena, you helped me find myself. Now I hope you are just as lucky.


Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Olivia: I was just thinking, I didn't really give you a chance to know both sides of me. And I guess I was wondering if you'd still want to.
Dan: [pauses] I don't know why I'm pretending to think about it. Yes, of course.

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