Eric: Hey Mom. I'm sorry about tonight.
Lily: Oh, we'll talk about it in the morning. After you had a good night sleep in your own bed.
Eric: I'm going home?
Lily: I'm not sure exactly how this is gonna work, you know.
Eric: I'm not worried. (smiles) It's a good thing I didn't unpack.

Blair: Martini.
Jenny: Oh, no thanks, I don't like Vodka.
Blair: Well thats great, because this is gin, as it should be

Blair: Okay, I have a problem. I have a big problem! It starts with a capital RX.
Nurse: What drugs have you been taking?
Blair: Caffiene, Nicotine, Cadimine, Disprine, LSD, Driazapam, Flurazepam. All the pams really, I don't discriminate.
Nurse: Apparently not
(picks up phone)
Nurse: Code yellow, floor six. Why don't you wait right here? I'll get a doctor.
(Begining to leave)
Blair: And I'd love a cappuccino!

I'm sorry. I don't know why I just said anything like that. I have, I have this thing, like a nervous tick. My mind never stops speaking, in like, ever. In fact when I was a little boy, my mom used to say there was never a word I met that I didn't like. You know what else I like? Your daughter. I, I really like your daughter.

Dan (explaining to Serena's mom why he never stops talking)

Spotted on the steps of the Palace -- Cinderella stepping onto a pumpkin instead of her carriage. Lucky for Lonely Boy, there's more than one stable filling our inbox.

Gossip Girl

Blair: Alright, who's ready for a game of Truth or Dare?
Jenny: Oh, I love Truth or Dare. Once, I had to eat an entire bag of marshmallows.
Blair: That's nice, Little Humphrey. But, um, that's not how we play

Alright, alright. (loosening his tie) Well, then. If it's a real Dan Humphrey date that you want, then it's a real Dan Humphrey date that you're gonna get. Let's go.


Rufus: (answering the phone) This better not be my wife.
Lillian: Rufus! You always answer the phone like that?!

There's something vibrating in your pocket, and I really hope it's your phone

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