Blair: What are you doing here?
Chuck: Thanksgiving. The only day of the year it's acceptable to eat dinner before eight.
Blair: Oh. Of course, right. Thanksgiving.
Dorota: We bring pie.

Eric: Do we have relatives I don't know about?
Rufus: It's always a possibility.

Blair: Why aren't you excited for me? You know how much I love Paris in Autumn.
Dorota: With everything that's happened with Mr. Chuck and Miss Serena I also know that you want to get out of the Dodge.
Blair: "Out of Dodge." It's a place not a pick-up truck.

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. As always I'll be spending it giving thanks for the bounty of secrets I've harvested from you this year. But leave a place for me at your table. I'll be back for just desserts.

Gossip Girl

Your daughter wakes up alone, drugged in an empty motel room, and you don't call the cops? You don't ask if she's OK or what happened? You just have her committed? What kind of mother does that?

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