Blair: I had no idea.
Dan: No, I know.
Blair: Nice suit though.

Will: Lily, I did not sabotage the photo shoot. I hope that you realize that.
Lily: Oh, I'm not even sure I care if you did. I mean let's face it, me, Cece and Carol all in the same room. The night was doomed to be apocalyptic.

Chuck: You don't have to be powerful on your own first. We can build our futures together.
Blair: The saddest part is that I'd come to the same conclusion. But now that I know I'm ready I realize you're not. I mean, after everything you went through—Prague, Eva, Russell—that maybe you'd changed. Who was kidding.
Chuck: Don't say that.
Blair: You have years before you're capable of a real relationship. If you ever will be. I'm sorry Chuck.

Cinderella finally showed up at the ball. Too bad it was cancelled.

Gossip Girl

Lily: Finds out about what?
Cece: That I'm not happy with my hair. It's too flat.
Lily: Mother, your hair is enormous.

Blair [to Chuck]: Because it made me realize I wanted to be with you. Dan and I both know it meant nothing—less than nothing. Right?
Dan: Yeah, that's right.
Blair: I was going to tell you all about it tonight. But that would have been a huge mistake. Dan Humphrey may not be royalty but at least he's not a child.

Blair: Are you trying to humiliate him? Is that it?
Chuck: I don't care about him one way or the other. I just wanted you to see he's not a part of this world. I know you kissed him.
Blair: So? You and I are not dating. And you kiss a lot of people.
Chuck: You're not supposed to kiss him. He's hum-drum Humphrey. Epperley told me it was life-changing.

Of course Mother paid you to be here. I am so foolish to think that you would have come because you cared.


Oh god. It's Chuck. He knows.

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