For what it's worth, Humphrey, you had my back. Never thought I'd say this, but thanks.


Gossip Girl: Spotted: Dan Humphrey, shoeless and clueless. That's all!

Chuck: Arthur! Pull over!
Dan: This isn't Brooklyn. Aren't you taking me home?
Chuck: Get out.
Dan: Wait, no, I don't -
Chuck: Tonight was nothing. You're just a drunken idiot. My amusement for the night.
Dan: Can I at least have my shoes?

Well, look, I gotta admit, this ... this was awesome. We gotta do this again.


Dan: How do you know so many twins?
Chuck: Twins find me?

Blair: Who put Serena and that Poppy person in the front row!? And all those socialites?! Someone changed this chart! The chart MY mother asked me to do! Who changed it?!
Dorota: Eleanor say ... Miss Jenny change it.
Blair: Jenny Humphrey?! Guess she didn't learn her lesson last year. Looks like someone needs a refresher course.

Don't ever go to high school, Dorota. The girls are spoiled, stupid and ungrateful! One snapshot with a socialite and it's all Serena, Serena, Serena!


Don't they know that without me, they'd never see the inside of a fashion tent? They'd be stuck behind the barricades with PETA! In fact, maybe I will leave them outside with PETA. Maybe that will teach them some manners!


Chuck: Nate just happens to be away at his grandparents'.
Blair: Nate is only friends with you out of habit! The only person with fewer friends than you is Dan Humphrey and even his lame, '90s dad likes him. And that's because he's something you'll never be. A human being.

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