Blair: What are you still doing here Chuck? I threw you out hours ago.
Chuck: I wanted to let you know the treaty is over.
Blair: Fine with me. This pretense of civility was exhausting.

It's Blair's 20th birthday party and I'm still acting like an eighth grader.


Dan: So I wrecked Blair's birthday and I betrayed Nate, I disappointed my dad. And as the icing on the cake I pretty much ruined his and Lily's anniversary.
Vanessa: Other than that, how was your night?

It only takes one video to topple an entire career. If you don't believe me just YouTube Connie Chung piano.


Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?

Let's face it, our plan to stay home was pretty depressing. Let's go check out those cookies in the shape of Blair's shoes.


Oh please. If I want to hear fiction I'll go talk to Jonathan Franzen.


I could kill the caterer. The appetizer tray looks like a Rorschach Test.


[to Rufus] I know you think you're rock and roll, but you are wearing a two thousand dollar jacket.

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