Cappie: 'You will succeed where others fail.' Sounds like after three years I'm finally getting into Human Sexuality Class.
Casey: What is the big deal with that class anyway?
Cappie: An entire class dedicated to sex, complete with pictures of lady parts and man-business? I won't look at the lady parts if you don't want me to though.
Casey: Aw you'd do that for me?
Cappie: Except that just leaves man business, so that's weird.

(Holding a Maya Angelo book) Casey, I'm ready for my bedtime story. I have to read Mayor And Jello by Thursday and I couldn't find the book on tape.


Dale: So let me get this straight. You're a nerd who wants to look like a better nerd in order to attract someone who's not a nerd.
Rusty: You'd sing a different tune if you experienced the magic of retouching for yourself.
Dale: We don't believe in that in my church. Turns you blind.
Rusty: Is that why you need glasses?
Dale: Touche.

I can't believe we missed the nerd auction. I always wanted my own nerd.


Casey: So you're not going to turn me in? Why?
Katherine: Can't you just see the headline? "Sorority Mayhem: sexual favors and fiery revenge." Lifetime would probably make several movie adaptations, and they'd hire some mannish starlet to play me - because I'm tall. And I don't need that kind of publicity.

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