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Meredith: So you were right, Cristina and I are fighting.
Derek: You should go, talk to her. She's your best friend. It's important.
Meredith: Derek...
Derek: They don't tell you when you become a doctor it's gonna be like this. They don't tell you that you lose more patients than you save. 16... I'm sick of the death.
Meredith: I'm sorry.
Derek: I'll see you.
Meredith: Ok...

Emma: I never should have said it, I didn't mean it, I never should have said it.
Meredith: Tell her that. Tell her the last thing you'd want her to hear. Because you have to believe that if it were you in this bed and Holly was sitting with you feeling this bad, you would forgive her. Tell her.
Emma: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I love you.
Meredith: She loved you too. No matter what you said, no matter what happened between the two of you. She loved you. She loves you. She loves you.

Mark: Stop!
Lexie: Teach me.
Mark: We can't do this, you're Little Grey, and I promised, and... I'm your teacher.
Lexie: So... teach me!
Mark: Lexie...
Lexie: Teach me. Teach me. Come on, am I really so bad?
Mark: No. I am.

Lexie: I respect you. As a man. As a surgeon, as a teacher. I respect you. So... teach me.
Mark: What are you doing? Don't do that. Stop.
Lexie: Teach me!

[to Mark] You made her speak. Mrs. Patterson, she said hi. She spoke. You made her speak.


Alex: Listen. You had that heart patient and it reminded you of Denny and how bad you felt when you were lying on that bathroom floor. I get that! I get that you're scared. But you're not going to have to feel like that again. Because I'm not going to die, Izz. And I'm not gonna cheat on you, and I'm not gonna go anywhere! 'Cause, I think you're my best shot at... I think with you... you make me better. You make me wanna BE better. You make me want to be good. And I think I can. With you. I think I can. So I'm not going anywhere, and you can stop hiding. And if you wanna be scared that's okay just be scared with me. Be scared while you scrub in with me on my first solo surgery. Okay?
Izzie: You love me.
Alex: Shut up. [kisses her, leaves] Solo surgery!
Denny: I'm really starting to not like that guy.

Alex: I love you! I frickin' love you. I just got the solo surgery and the first thing I did was look for you. And you weren't there. You're never there anymore. And I was thinking about it and I think it might be because you love me too. And because you're scared of that. And because I... I screwed it up last time, and because... Denny died, and-
Izzie: Alex...

Alex: Izz... I won!
Izzie: Hey. What time is it?
Alex: Yang. She picked me for the solo surgery.
Izzie: She did? That's amazing.
Alex: I love you!
Izzie: What?

Cristina: My gut? I'm not putting a patient's life in the hands of a novice surgeon based on my hut.
Owen: Worked for me.
Cristina: I bet.
Owen: It's what told me to choose you.

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