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Alex: What's going on. You paged us.
Meredith: Check your email.
Izzie: For what?
Meredith: HR. If you got cut, you'll have an email. I didn't get one, but... I've been calm through this crisis. I have been calm. But, if one of us gets cut I will not be calm!
Cristina: No email.
Alex: I'm fine.
Izzie: I'm good too.
Meredith: Good. See, I knew it! I knew it! I knew none of us would get cut.
Cristina: Yet. There's gonna be another round.

Derek: Isobel Stevens spent 5 hours on her feet in surgery today. Not because she was ready to go back to work, but because she was scared. She's scared for her job and she was scared to show weakness. You don't have to talk to me, that's fine. But, you need to go out there and talk to your people. They need to hear from you.
Richard: Don't tell me about my people. I've been here for 30 years Derek. I know my people. I've spent every hour of the last 3 days saving every job that I could, but some tough choices had to be made. HR is sending out an email to the first round of people to be let go.
Derek: Richard.
Richard: Derek, I'm tired, I'm going home.

Derek: Ok, the bleeding's stopped. Let's close up. Stevens scrub out.
Izzie: No, I'm fine. I'm your resident, I've got it.
Derek: Someone else can close up. You've been on your feet for five hours, you look exhausted.
Izzie: I'm not, I'm fine.
Derek: You're dripping with sweat.
Izzie: Ok. You know what, just take my wig off. Just take it off. Take it off. Oh god, just pat down my head. Ok. Alright, just put the cap back on. Thank you. I'm fine.

Arizona: You know it's not a good idea to piss of your attending.
Cristina: I didn't know he was upset. I'll apologize.
Arizona: I wasn't talking about him.
Cristina: Sorry?
Arizona: I like kids, and I like their parents, and I like to see them smile. So I like, going to get them pudding and playing games with them because it makes attaching their arms way more fun. I don't like being used.
Cristina: I wasn't use...
Arizona: And I liked being lied to even less.

Mark: How does this happen? Was Chang just not paying attention?
Arizona: She made a mistake.
Cristina: Wrong time to make a mistake with the merger.
Mark: Oh, you people need to stop with the doom and gloom scenarios. I just read somewhere that hospitals revenue went up last quarter.
Cristina: Except for elective procedures which went down 13%.
Mark You mean elective procedures like plastic surgeries. Now you're saying I'm gonna get fired?
Cristina: I don't think anyone is safe.
Mark: I'm safe.
Cristina: How can you be sure?
Arizona: HEY! We're about to reattach a baby's arm here, so we need to stop thinking about the merger and think instead about this little girl throwing a ball, and holding a spoon, and waving bye bye to her parents.

Izzie: I hate you.
Alex: Shut up.
Izzie: (takes her meds) Ok. Good. Thank you.
Alex: Shut up. Get back to work.

Izzie: Thank you.
Derek: A little more suction.
(Alex knocks on window)
Alex: It's 2 o'clock Izzie!
Izzie: Oh my god.
Derek: Stevens no more fighting in my OR. Go deal with this.

Cristina: I played hide and seek today. I didn't go to surgery because some 9 year old miraculously peed without blood. Ok, I can't do this anymore.
Owen: Then don't. Tell Dr. Robbins you don't think peds is your thing. What is the big deal?
Cristina: The big deal is that the Chief is in there right now making a list.
Owen: You don't know that.
Cristina: Yeah, a list of who stays and who goes. I can't be on that goes list.

Alex: I need to speak with Dr. Stevens please.
Izzie: Alex, I'm in surgery.
Alex: izzie.
Izzie: Alex, leave. Dr Shepherd, could you please tell Dr Karev to leave.
Derek: Karev.
Alex: She gets tired walking to the mail box. She can't handle another 5 hour surgery.
Izzie: I know what I can handle.
Alex: No one's gonna think any less of you if you walk out of her now. Just walk out now.
Derek: Steven's have this conversation outside.
Izzie: No, I'm not leaving. Alex!

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