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This isn't real, is it? I'm just gonna keep my eyes close because this is like that moment in the morning when you first wake up and you're still half asleep and everything seems... things are possible, dreams feel true and for that one moment between waking and sleeping anything can be real, and then you open your eyes and the sun hits you and then you realize that... I'm just gonna keep my eyes closed.


Izzie: I'm sorry ... I can't.
Denny: It's okay. I'll be right here.

Alex: Gonna try to get some sleep. I gotta be back to the hospital in six hours.
Izzie: Alex wait. I'm a mess. I'm a frickin' mess and I know that and, I ... you deserve better.
Alex: Stop it. If you don't want to be with me, if this is too much for you right now, it's okay. But you're gonna have to break up with me, because I'm not going anywhere. I can handle the mess. It's up to you.

I've seen a lot of maturity from you throughout this whole mess. You handled the crisis. And you call for help right away. There was a time not so long ago when you would have come to a different conclusion. You could have stuck to the code and saved your own. Tried to hide the whole mess. You know sometimes, protecting your colleagues is solidarity. And sometimes it's just hubris. I'm glad to see you know the difference.


Lexie: Chief... I can't let the two of you get in trouble for this.
Meredith: Lexie-
Lexie: No, it's not right. People tried to stop me. Dr. Yang told me yesterday to shut it down?
Richard: You knew about this YESTERDAY?

Meredith: You knew? You knew they were going to cut her open?
Cristina: No.
Meredith: They just said you knew!
Cristina: Sutures! I knew they were doing sutures on themselves. And I didn't think I needed to say anything because I shut it down. I handled it!
Meredith: Well apparently you didn't, because it almost cost Lexie her job, not to mention that Sadie almost died in there!

Cristina: Okay, Sadie did that to herself. And let's not pretend that you have some sort of relationship with Lexie? Let's not pretend that you care about her.
Meredith: I care about my job! And I care about doing the right thing.
Cristina: Who are you to lecture me about doing the right thing!? Are you kidding me? You're not an attending, Meredith. You may be sleeping with one, but you aren't one yet.

Meredith: Is that what this is about? Derek? It's always going to be about Derek?
Cristina: Okay, fine, it's not about Derek, it's about you and me, and the fact that you didn't have my back in that room!
Meredith: What would you have wanted me to say...
Cristina: I don't know, anything! You should have said anything! You have a relationship with the Chief. You have his ear. But you didn't say anything to defend me! Because this isn't just on me. You just stood there and you watched him take me out of the running for solo surgery. You let me take all the blame. But the fact is that we all had interns in that room. We all failed to supervise them. And if your friend had died in there, that would have been on all of us too. You should have said that.

Meredith: If you're out here, then who's in there with Izzie ... Derek?!
Derek: [runs out of his room] What?!
Meredith: Nothing. Nothing. I just-
Derek: What are you doing dressed at 3 in the morning? [hears Izzie moaning] Who's making a porno movie in Izzie's room?

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