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IZZIE: [referring to Savannah's operation] "I couldn't do it."
ALEX: "What? Make yourself all hot and sexy for your boyfriend like Yang?"
CRISTINA: "Go wrestle something."

IZZIE: [to Cristina, who is trying on outfits] "You'd look hot in any of them."
CRISTINA: "Clearly! But that's not the point."

[to Savannah] "There is a third option. Take your chances, get cancer, and fight like hell to survive."


CRISTINA: "I've already spent an hour picking bird parts out of this guy. I'm over it."
GEORGE: "Carpe diem."
MEREDITH: "Right, you and my forehead. I'm beginning to look how I feel. Carpe that."
GEORGE: "This is the luckiest day in the world!"
CRISTINA: "Tell that to the bird."

"My ex-boyfriend moved his wife to Seattle. Reason? To torture me."


[to Derek] "Medicine aside, our friends are going through hell in there, and we can't even act like we like each other long enough to help them."


GEORGE: "You lived. We both did. Carpe diem, man. Sieze the day!"
PATIENT: [to Cristina] "Any chance you can make him leave?"
CRISTINA: "I really, really wish I could."

[excitedly] "There's no one you'd like me to call? I'd be shouting from the rooftops! Are you sure? Come on, man, it's a miracle! You don't even KNOW!"


PRESTON: "So... it's date night."
CRISTINA: "Yeah, it's a night... with a date."

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