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You had a dinner table? I didn't know world class surgeons had dinner tables.


Lexie: I do not have feelings for Alex.
Cristina: I do not care.

Teddy: I don't care about awards.
Cristina: Only people that never win any awards say that.

Did you know that pretty boy's grandfather was God?


Derek: Screwing drugs reps isn't gonna make you feel better.
Mark: Yeah, it is.

You slept with my girlfriend and I'm afraid that when I look at you, I wanna hit you with a brick.


You're staring and you're sad... you're going to be friends with me. I'm an awesome friend.


This is Alex we're talking about. Emotionally, he's like me three years ago.


Meredith: You are a no feelings type of girl. Your heart lives in your vagina.
Lexie: My heart... does not live in my vagina!

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