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Meredith: What's new with you?
Derek: I had dinner and a movie... with the Chief!

Mark: [about Erica] She's sassy!
Derek: She's a woman of substance. You two have nothing in common.

Kid: But I still get something right? You said that after We get to the hospital I would get whatever I wanted!
Mother: Absolutely sweaty, you were really brave.
Father: Yeah, what do you want?
Kid: I want you guys to get a divorce!

[narrating] Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't.


I am painting Burke's apartment so I can stop calling it Burke's apartment. A happy color. Red. Like blood.


I love George. Oh, God I do, I love him, and I'm so happy because he's kind and smart and um, sweet and sexy. He's perfect, perfect, except for the fact that he kisses like a chicken. You know a chicken pecking the ground for food, justs pecking and pecking and pecking, and when he's pecking at me like that I forget that I love him, I forget that he's kind and sweet and sexy and I just wanna scream, "Stop pecking at me!" Did he peck you like a chicken, Mer?


George: It's horrible. The sex. With Izzie... horrible. It's like she's trying to hard, it... it' ever seen a porno? Not that Izzie's a porno; she's an angel, but it's like she's trying to... channel a porn star and she's trying to act all dirty and sexy, which sounds great, right? But in reality I just wanna say, "Izzie, just because you can do that with your legs doesn't mean that you should."
Meredith: Eh... I wanna run.
George: Run, run. Run now!

George: Hey.
Meredith: You look weird.
George: I don't look weird.
Meredith: What's wrong?
George: I look fine.
Meredith: I know you.

Derek: Oh, I'm late. Dropped off the Chief's dry cleaning.
Mark: You're doing his laundry?
Derek: I'm helping out.
Mark: Yeah, what's he doing?
Derek: He has an extensive DVD collection.
Mark: [pauses] You're dating the Chief. Huh!

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