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"You're into me. I can tell. Dr. Small and Angry was a hot appetizer, but you, doc, are a smorgasbord of lust."


"Well, you were wrong. You don't always get what you expect do you."


CRISTINA: "Dr. Bailey, I want off the psychic case, I'll take whatever you've got. Can I switch?"
MIRANDA: "Ask nicely."
CRISTINA: "What? This is me doing nicely."

MEREDITH: "Where'd you grow up? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Where'd you spend your summer vacations?"
DEREK: "Oh, lighten up. It'll be good for your blood pressure."
MEREDITH: "Don't you tell me to lighten up. I'll lighten up when I... feel light."

MEREDITH: "Give me something to go on. Anything! What are your grandparents’ names?"
DEREK: "I don't have grandparents."

MEREDITH: "I want facts, and until I get them, my pants are staying on."
DEREK: "Or you could just roll with it, be flexible. See what happens."
MEREDITH: "I'm not flexible."
DEREK: [laughs] "Now there I disagree... We'll find these things out. That's the fun part, you know? That's the gravy."

"I'm a surgeon, I don't have any friends."


OTHER INTERN: "He thinks his seizures are visions"
PATIENT: "Hello, they’re not seizures, I’m psychic."
CRISTINA: "Yeah, and I’m a chicken."

CRISTINA: "Okay, you know the talking part?"
CRISTINA: "I’m not interested."

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