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April: I'm a virgin. That doesn't make it drinks conversation. We all have stuff we don't talk about.
Meredith: Oh April. I'm liking you more and more.
April: Thank you.

Nobody chooses to be a freak. Most people don't realize they're a freak until it's way to late to change it. No matter how much of a freak you end up being, chances are there's still someone out there for you. Unless of course, they've already moved on. Because when it comes to love, even freaks can't wait forever.


Bailey: Give me back my bottle.
Callie: Teddy needs it she's pathetic.

Derek: You're flaming out. And as someone who cares about you, it's not okay. I've seen a lot of residents come and go and very very few with your potential. It's not okay.
Cristina: I can barely remember it. You're whole procedure. I took a bullet out of your chest and all I can remember is bits and pieces. Bits and pieces that come back at very inconvenient times, so end of story.

(about Cristina to Amy) She saved my life. I owe her everything. Get out. Get the hell out.


Cristina: So you're done I can go?
Derek: I'm done.

Lexie: What?
Mark: Nothing.

Cristina: Would you love me if I wasn't a surgeon?
Owen: I would love you if you were a plumber, but would you love you if you weren't a surgeon?
Cristina: I don't know, maybe?

Callie: Look away. Stop staring at her.
Mark: I can't.

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