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SUSAN: "You know, I’d really just love to talk with you. I would love to find the time for me and you to sit down –"
MEREDITH: "I’m sorry. This is too much. Way too much. You keep showing up. I cannot be your daughter, or your charity case, or the thing that you need to fix."
SUSAN: "I’m not trying to –"
MEREDITH: "No, no. Stop talking, okay? Stop mothering. Just stop."

MIRANDA: "When you see her, you’ll know what to do. It must be nice to know she has parents like this, that fight for her, think about what she wants, trying to make her happy, like you would. Doesn’t mean you don’t want that girl to want you."
IZZIE: "Yeah."

[to Izzie] "What you did today... you should be proud. I’ll get orderly to take you downstairs, but I have to go. Understand?"


"Hannah. An 11 year old girl. That’s the private matter. She’s mine. Don’t. Don’t look at me. My mother wanted me to keep her, but I knew, even at 16 I knew, that baby deserved better than life at Chehalis Trailer Park."


DEREK: "You warned me she could become a problem."
MIRANDA: "Who, Meredith?"
DEREK: "You know when you love somebody, you think you can handle it all?"
MIRANDA: "You’ve done alright, both of you."

[to Derek] "Huh. Well if this turns into an “either or,” you pick the person you love. End of story. Look, all of this means nothing if you’re alone."


JANE DOE: "Those are supposed to be my people. I belong with them, Alex. I’m supposed to go, with them."
ALEX: "Your people, we don’t even know who they are yet."
JANE DOE: "You don’t want to find them! You want to keep me all to yourself. Well, here I am! Your pathetic, captive audience. Isn’t is sad that I’m the best you can do?!"
ALEX: "Ava..."
JANE DOE: "My name is not Ava! You made it up! It’s not me! Get out. Get out!!"

JANE DOE: "So, you and the redhead gonna let me go home? Or are you too busy making eyes at each other to even ask?" ALEX: [silent]
JANE DOE: "What?"
ALEX: "Ava..."
JANE DOE: "No. It’s Shannon."
ALEX: "Listen..."
JANE DOE: "My name is Shannon. Shannon Marie."
ALEX: "I’m sorry."

RICHARD: "Sloan. You brought me to a bar. You know I don’t drink."
MARK: "Which is perfect. Better to keep your mind sharp. Let the ladies do the drinking."

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