Juliette: My grandma used to blame the Chupacabra for everything! Dead relatives, missing pets, even lost keys.
Hank: Then, according to your grandmother, the Chupacabra is a pet-eating, key-stealing, goat-sucking killer.
Juliette: It is especially dangerous if you are out alone at night, or you get into a car with a boy, or come home late. I learned that the last two weren't exactly true.

Maybe we should call in the dog catcher with a really big net.


Wu: Oscar worthy performance De Niro.
Nick: Middle School Drama Club.

If they hurt Monroe, I will kill them! I will hunt them down and *kill* them!


I wasn't pissing on the fence for kicks.


Hank: Want to get a couple of things clear first.
Wu: "First"? There's a second?

Wu: And by "ready," you mean "off the deep end"?
Hank: There is no shallow end in this pool.

I don't know what you are. But you're no Aswang.


Oh, my God! It's my chiropractor!


You call this a side effect?!


Hank: You ate her cookie.
Wu: I did?
Nick: Yeah. That's why you ate your carpet.
Wu: ...Oh.

You're like a five-year-old with a loaded gun.


Grimm Quotes

Monroe: Oh that quadruple homicide.
Nick: Yeah.
Monroe: Well, at least you know who did it.

Juliette: Well, how do you know you're not being stupid by being with me?
Nick: I don't, I just, I think there's a lot more to it than that.