Busta bust, why don't you throw your hands where my eyes can see, which would be in my sink doing my dishes.

Max [to Brad]

Henceforth, I will now be known as "has or deals with clams."


Kerkovich? More like Kerkobitch.


We are just like two rabbits...doing it all the time...there's so much sex...and it's all hetero.


Alex: This is an ergonomic work hammock. See how easy? No carpal tunnel for this productive gal.
Penny: That's a sex swing...

Max: If that season had aired, I would've been the first openly gay person on television.
Jane: Except for Ellen, Rosie, all the career high guys.
Penny: Oh and Norman Korpi from the Real World season one.
Max: Deep cut.

Dave: You guys wouldn't understand, neither of your ancestors were at the first Thanksgiving
Jane: Ok, neither were the Navajo.
Dave: One of our many snubs.

We were still reeling from the events surrounding the film Vanilla Sky.


I need some hand sani for my face.

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