Well you know what they say, it's not a good gang hang until someone takes a major shot to the face.


You lightly bite one security guard and they act like you're a criminal!


Elton John would just eat these balls up.


Alex: You always said you looked great in a one piece.
Dave: I just don't understand why they're not acceptable to men anymore.

Penny: You lied to him?
Jane: Ok I did not know he was going to come in like he just shot the sheriff.

C'mon boo, it's not like you never thought about it Harvey Chocolate Milk.

Max [to Brad]

Wait is this gonna be a classic group gang hang?


Dave: I think our wedding was pretty spectacular.
Brad: Yeah the only thing missing was a bride that stayed for the duration of the reception.

I can't believe anyone voluntarily decided to marry Penny. I mean she's a disaster of a human woman, am I right?

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