Pearl Harbor cause we want this wedding to be da bomb! Like that Michael Bay movie Armageddon.


It's my fault, I know I'm sorry. It's just I got all paranoid that you guys would move on and start doing rich stuff and I'd never see you guys again because you'd be goin to Eyes Wide Shut parties or hunting people for sport with Tommy Hilfiger or whatever rich people supposedly do.


You're right, the juice is worth the squeeze.


Nobody solves things through tennis matches anymore bro; it's not the 80s.


Max you look like John McEnroe's fat cousin, John Mac n Cheese.


We were gonna tag along with you guys to that bris. Alex had never been to one and I don't remember my first two. Of course the second one was less of a religious ceremony and more of a horrific jet skiing accident.


I was gonna tell them we were going horseback riding, but I was afraid it would come out that I ride side saddle.


Max: I wouldn't say we spend that much time together, I mean just breakfast 4 or 5 times a week before work.
Dave: And drinks during the day most days, not everyday but definitely every evening.
Penny: And sure we always deliver news in person.

What are we gonna do with this big group tomorrow? A little 4 on 4 hoops, maybe an 8 person party bike, a Chinese New Year dragon?

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