Alex: Well as long as Dave doesn't bring someone from Degrassi junior high again, I'm sure we'll be alright.
Dave: Hey if Degrassi's on the field, play ball. Am I right? Sorry proud of the wordplay, not the message.

You can't just go around daylights savings-ing people!

Alex [to Jane]

I just wasn't ready to open that rabbit hole.


Get your Bobby Kennedy hands off of me!


Penny: Yes! Year of Penny!
Max: The year's been over for a couple of months Pen.
Penny: Not the fiscal year of Penny. Suck it taxpayers!

Let's just say he's one MRI away from a free MRI.

Jane [about Brad]

All you're doing is altering his perception of reality. It's the Kerkovich Way.


I love when Mer-bear let's herself laugh.

Brad [about Meryl Streep]

You'd think baby number three would just fall out!

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