Remembering that I am an attorney and required by law to be opportunistic.


Ollie: Let me tell you something sport.
Adam: Adam.
Ollie: Don't try to get in my head.

Zack: He said good things would come. I was destine to get into Harvard.
Harry: He who? Did God tell you that you would get into Harvard?

Forgive me Pastor, but are you by chance a prick?


Pastor: Are you a Christian Ms. Korn?
Harry: No, I'm Jewish.
Pastor: Ah!

Ok let's pretend for the moment I care. You want to what.. sue? And pay me on a teacher's salary, which you no longer have.


He was let go due to budget cuts, know how I know? Because right here [points] it says "budget cuts".


Cross: I have a rather serious matter to discuss if you don't mind.
Harry: I do actually, beat it. I'm not receiving today.

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