I'm not sure what is worse, waking up realizing you're not what you use to be, or knowing you are what you always were.


Harry: I will have final say on strategy.
Eric: Shouldn't that go to me?
Harry: No, since you're sitting in a jail cell, I will assume you screw things up.

Jeremy: It's kind of a dirty trick, playing on a person's sympathies
Cassie: I'm a lawyer, we don't shame.

Are you a dope Harry? You don't strike me as a dope.

Harry: We can be worth adversaries in court but civil to each other outside.
Roseanna: What a lovely thought, I bet you make a wonderful grandmother.
Harry: [watches her walk away] Ok, I want to kill her.

Lisa: Just be yourself, you will be fine.
Tommy: People don't like me; people like ties... How's my tie?
Lisa: Perfect, it's your lucky blue.

I recruited Harry, so I can package my unlikable client with an old lady who could sell ice to Eskimos


What did we say about wet dreams in the common areas? Beat it! [sigh] Probably not the best choice of words.

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