The business of Law can be summed up in three words "it's a business." Rule 1, get your fee. Rule 2 through 10 - get your fee.


Judge, I move for cause, on the grounds of "stupid".


Ollie: Can you give me a break?
Cassie: [hands a lolly pop] Here, can I finish speaking to the nice grown-up now?

Adam: Jenna said she's leaving is that true?
Harry: She thinks she is... she probably just having...... God it's been so long since I've had one I forgot what they are called.

Cassie: There's nothing against the law for accepting a life insurance policy, it's just considered...
Adam: Beyond repugnant [looks at Tommy]
Tommy: BUG!

Adam: Tommy I don't know what to say.
Tommy: Then say good bye.

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