Roseanna: Your honor, why would I risk a possible dismissal....
Judge: Because you're psychotic!

Savor the moment, because tomorrow we could be yesterday.


Harry: [to witness] Is there a reason your looking to the district attorney for guidance in this matter?
Roseanna: Objection!
Judge: Over ruled.

we're not far from our "use to be" years. Right now you're in the game. The world is watching, a man's like is in the balance. This might be the most relevant 15 minutes you'll ever know.


Judge: Ms Remmick, I'm not happy...
Roseanna: You're Honor...
Judge: I'M TALKING..... You had an obligation to bring this to defense council attention.

Clerk: All rise!
Harry: Why do I feel like we should all be wearing helmets?

Adam: [mumbles] Somebody's tense
Harry: Excuse me?

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