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Hart of dixie

[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


Zoe: I have gone years with out sex!
Lavon: Yeah, that may be the problem...

Oh there she is, the Edward Snowden of family secrets.

Vivian [to Zoe]

I am positive our little Lemon is getting her some squeeze.


I think we should go out on a real date.


So Max is a frog?


Brick: We can never tell Lemon.
Shelby: No!

Make Joel stay please! Not just for my happiness but for yours.


You're single for the first time since Clinton was President and you're spending it alone on boat when you should be naked with strangers, boat optional.


That's my mother. The cringy part is the four bravo shows wrapped in one very small woman.


I am a regular Harry Potter… In the kitchen of course.


[To Lemon] You know what we saw? A force of nature at work. Someone who doesn't hear the word "no", when you set your mind to something you will it into existence. You always have. Take those powers and use them for good.

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[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


Shelby: Are you mad at me?
Brick: I could never be mad at you.

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