Hart of Dixie

Fridays 8:00 PM on The CW
Hart of dixie
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[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


I'm like a ship without a port!


[To Linley] It's a small town, catch up.


Zoe: He has an all access path to Zoeland and he doesn't have to wait in any lines and then all of a sudden ...
Ruby: What?
Zoe: OMG. Wade is bored.

Lemon: I have a reputation to uphold!
Wade: Says the girl screwin' Meatball

Im going to tell you how it's going to happen. You're gonna take Tansy out on a date and you're going to have a grand ole time. Then you're going to leave her in the dust for the girl you think you're suppose to be with, Zoe Hart.


So Max is a frog?


However, I hold the glitter gavel.


What if made the biggest mistake of my life and let the right guy go?


Zoe: WADE! He's sleepwalking!
Wade: I know. What's your excuse?

You're not going to like this but it's for you own good.
[Punches Wade in the gut]


Think of the kleenex box cozies!

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Hart of Dixie Quotes

[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


Zoe: What do I do?
Brick: Lie.
Zoe: You are good at this.

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