[To Lemon] I never know what you want.


Light is the enemy of sex...


All anyone remembers is that Yoko killed the Beatles!


Yesterday we traded my ho-ho for his ding-dong.


Annabeth we're not animals, we can control who we do and do not sleep with.


You walk in [Lavon's kitchen], and there are just pastries everywhere. Where do they come from? We're never going to find a new place that comes with its own pastry elves.


Zoe: Picture me with both guys... Who do I look happier with?
Lavon: You really need to get a girlfriend

Dating a Gainey in Bluebell is almost as bad as dating a Florida State fan


Now I know how much Annabeth means to you. Okay, she means a lot to me too. But Lemon, I love you. Everything I did today is because of that.


Magnolia: Daddy, are you okay?
Brick: I will be.
Magnolia: You wanna hear about all the other fish in the sea?
Brick: No one wants to hear about that.

Zoe: What is our son gonna think? That he can shirk all his grown up responsibilities by batting his lashes and getting some woman to do it for him?
Wade: Well it is the Kinsella way.

You're kinda predictable. In a good way. You're so ... George Tucker.


Hart of Dixie Quotes

[To Lemon] I never know what you want.


I see right through your donut Gainey, there's a hole!


Hart of Dixie Music

  Song Artist
Song Hold On Wilson Phillips iTunes
Good girls go bad Good Girls Go Bad Cobra Starship iTunes
Susanna Susanna Trickbag iTunes