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Lemon: Oh, this is about George Tucker. Because he broke up with Tansy and you think Zeorge is inevitable. No, you don't? Why not? He's finally single. She's single. Why wouldn't they? Oh my God. You slept with Zoe Hart.
Wade: Who are you?

I get all the history lessons that I need by looking at your at your wardrobe.


Wade: Hi, Tucker
George: No. No. No. This is -- This is unbelievable. This is freaking unbelievable.

I have to go shopping for prom so if you guys get married by the time I get back, save me some cake.


Engaged! No Tumor!


Your profile is four pages like the manifestos that the FBI finds by a serial killer.


I've put Max on the pile of "old business" and thanks to the site new business is floating in.


[To George] These are the ingredients to a mind eraser that the internet says will erase anything you regret doing.


I almost died choking on a donut! Alone!

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