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Hart of dixie

Lemon: Daddy, really, scotch for breakfast?
Brick: I agree but my mom is unbearable!

Wow, Beyonce. It's hard to pass on the Queen B.... Another time Sasha Fierce.


Mother, you remember your almost grandson, George Tucker, who abandon your granddaughter at the alter? I bet you two want to catch up! [To George] Sorry son, survival.


You know, for a sleepy little town, Bluebell has a lot going on!


I have dreamed of Lavon proposing since the first time he kissed me. I dreamed of how I'd say yes and I'd how I'd cry. And how I'd tell him I can't wait to be his wife and have 19 babies with him.


Look Joel, this town has few perks. But the one that has kept me here is the feeling for the first time in my life that I belong to a community and I wanted you to feel that too. So I’m doing it for us.


Everybody’s got it all wrong. You and I both know damn well, you’re still in love with me.


Zoe, I’m not the all request DJ at WWJD.

Reverend Mayfair

Tween girls were cheering for George in the street today like he was a British boy bang.


Breaking news Bluebell, Zoe’s new beau just rear-ended our revered reverend. This man just can’t catch a break, or seem to find one!


As long as she’s so pretty and I’m so me, done is a 4 letter word.


Lavon doesn't want to go to see Beyonce!

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Go get your man


All it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.


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