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Lemon: Daddy, really, scotch for breakfast?
Brick: I agree but my mom is unbearable!

Wow, Beyonce. It's hard to pass on the Queen B.... Another time Sasha Fierce.


Mother, you remember your almost grandson, George Tucker, who abandon your granddaughter at the alter? I bet you two want to catch up! [To George] Sorry son, survival.


You know, for a sleepy little town, Bluebell has a lot going on!


I have dreamed of Lavon proposing since the first time he kissed me. I dreamed of how I'd say yes and I'd how I'd cry. And how I'd tell him I can't wait to be his wife and have 19 babies with him.


Fine, next time you get an appendage stuck in some girl’s zipper, have Brick deal with it. He will not be as gentle as I.

Zoe [to George]

As long as she’s so pretty and I’m so me, done is a 4 letter word.


Breaking news Bluebell, Zoe’s new beau just rear-ended our revered reverend. This man just can’t catch a break, or seem to find one!


Lavon doesn't want to go to see Beyonce!

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