Feminine ideal? More like a terminator made of plaster.


Yeah, well now that I am a good man, I'm going to do about three years worth of back taxes.


My people help the Troubled, and we do it any way we can.


It amazes me how some men struggle with chivalry.


Claire: No costume?
Audrey? Me? Dress up as someone else? No. I feel like I do that every day of my life. I could have actually been a cheerleader at one...
Claire: I'm a vampire slayer.
Audrey: Sure, that's cool.

So we can kiss again, right?


She didn't go out the front door, because the front door? Is gone.


Audrey: Hey, I got a question for you. As my doctor, not as my cheerleader vampire slayer.
Claire: Hold on, changing hats. Okay.

Nathan: You're right. It started as a case for me. But it's not for me. Not any more.
Jordan: You know, everyone says that my curse is that my touch hurts people. But that's not it.
Nathan: It's that you can't be touched.

Ya know, I am all for Audrey staying on vantage. But you don't want to scare the guy. So I'm just suggesting, start soft. You know, small talk. Colorado Avalanche. I don't, personally, but some people do.


Audrey: I've been, what, at least three other people in my life and one of them was in love with The Colorado Kid and he could be on the other side of that door and all I can think of is I should have worn better pants.
Duke: Audrey, you are officially a girl. But look, let's just pray that he doesn't have a unibrow.

So they got ya on hook with a freebie and every life after is gonna cost ya big money.


Haven Quotes

Nanny cams. They're not just for nannies anymore.


The guy threw a manhole cover at me, okay? I'm just sayin'.