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Audrey: It's just I, I think I'm past therapy.
Claire: Nobody is past it.
Audrey: I've been trapped in a snow globe, I've fought shadows and I've been almost killed machines.

William: And yet I know an awful lot about you.
Lexie: About me? Like what?
William: Like, you think your name's Lexie, but it's not. In fact, you're someone else entirely.
Lexie: Congratulations. You just won a prize for the creepiest pickup line ever.

You know, you didn't actually have to throw those away. You could have given them to me for recreational purposes.


Audrey: I'm pretty busy now Duke!
Duke: I just thought you might like to know there is a very large, naked man eating raw fish by the south dock. Kind of looks like he should be in a Bow-Flex commercial. By that I mean he's like jacked, he's staring at me.

I'm not saying he's not a nice guy or anything, but based on what I've seen since I got into town, everything in mad at Nathan.


Audrey: What's with all these mirrors?
Duke: Rich people. They're narcissists.

I've hallucinated before. It's much better than this.


Hey, Audrey's gone. We both lost her. Whoever she is now, I just want to know you're going to take care of her. I'm going to end the troubles, Duke.


Duke: You land in that field, you realize that if anyone figures out that you're Audrey that they'll kill Nathan, so you pretend to be the person you were in the Barn - Lexie.
Audrey: I like it. It rhymes with sexy.

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